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She hated being late. Especially in such important days. And now, the probability of missing the beginning of the exam was huge.
While holding her leather backpack in one hand, she was trying to put inside it the quickly made sandwich in the morning. Kaya, as always, was hoping to run into her best friend and roommate, who had stayed out all night again. While running, the young woman was searching around with her eyes for Lydia. But she was nowhere to be seen. Kaya started wondering if her friend had made it in time for this important event. The dark-haired girl felt much better when she was heading to lessons or an exam with someone she knew, and it was even better when they were late together.
This morning the streets were pretty quiet. And empty. It was a cold morning, the sky was dark and moody like it was going to snow any minute. And March war nearing. Kaya hated the winter and especially the snow. Now – in session, the university was almost empty. There were no other students around. This scenery made her even more flustered, because the reality of how behind on time she was, was shoved right in front of her face.
After closing her backpack, the girl looked at her watch. It was eight forty five! The Accounting exam had already begun! How could she oversleep the day when the hardest exam for the semester was scheduled!
This mark was crucial. If Kaya were to pass it successfully, it would determine if she would receive a scholarship or not.
Maybe she shouldn’t have stayed up all night to watch TV shows… But they were so intriguing! When the young woman started a story, she liked to finish it at once to be able to completely enjoy the storyline and plot. The girl needed something for relaxation and the perfect way to do that, was to browse the internet or immerse in her favorite shows!
Kaya was one of those people who had few, but real friends. Or at least she hoped they were. She didn’t need many people around her, the important thing was for them to be honest and good to her. This was enough for the young woman to be happy – a working laptop and good friends.
Even if sometimes the girl neglected her other duties, studying and making good grades was more important than everything else. Kaya loved her perfect scores and marks, it made her feel pleased with herself. She knew it was important – for her and for her mother. The young woman wanted to make her parent happy and proud.

Nearing the gates of the big educational institution, Kaya slowed down and got lost in her thoughts. She started wondering if she should enter the exam at all. The woman knew that she had already missed at least ten minutes from the start and the teacher would probably not let her in and would just put a bad mark in her file. She felt unsure. She already knew she wasn’t prepared well enough and could just come to the second date for the exam. At least she’d have more time to study. Kaya got angry at herself for being so reckless. She wasn’t always like this. While standing in front of the building and thinking, she heard a voice on her right side.
- Hey. What are you doing in front of the doors of the university? Are you going in or not?
The young woman turned in the direction of the voice and saw a tall and a very good looking young man next to her. His eyes were mischievous, with a raised eyebrow and a weak smile, which hinted for a dimple on the right cheek. He had dark blond, almost chestnut colored wavy hair, falling beneath his ears. His eyes were so black. Her first reaction was to blush not only because of the way she was staring at him and how handsome the dude was, but also from the way she looked right there – standing so uncertain in front of the gates.


Kaya looked at the ground and moved a few steps to the left. With her right hand she grabbed a lock of her hair and put it behind the ear. At this moment she took the chance to look at the boy, standing before her and tried to apologize to him. Seeing this movement made by her, the man changed his whole look and demeanor, and for just a brief second he looked frightened. This emotion on his face immediately shifted and he became serious, even a bit threatening. His black eyes turned completely cold and the young man glared at Kaya, as if seeing his worst enemy. His whole pose of the body changed, the shoulders rose up and the blond guy put his hand in the pockets of his jeans. He was tense. But why? Why did he become so hostile? Kaya also tensed up and decided to move a few more steps away from him. She didn't want to get involved with weird and maybe aggressive people since the very morning. The girl wanted to make more distance between them both so that he could leave as soon as possible. The quicker, the better.
The stranger took his eyes away from her and silently entered the corridor of the building, leaving the door behind him to shut itself, right before the nose of the girl.

This weird meeting spoiled even more the otherwise bad mood of Kaya and she took it as a sign that this is not her day and it’s better to just go home. And she did exactly that. On the way home, the girl stopped by her favorite booth and bought a hamburger to calm down. She wanted to eat something better and rich of products than her small toast with sausage and cheese. Besides, she frequently ate just that and wanted something different. At least once in a while. She hated feeling this worried because of an exam, and this meeting with a stranger, who from “hey, girl, let’s go out sometime” in less than a second turned to “don't even look at me, 'cause I’ll hurt you” was just too much. Sometimes, communicating with people was hard and Kaya preferred to stay away. And in this case it was pretty obvious that it wasn't going to work. From a young age, she wasn’t very outgoing and she didn't see a way, or didn’t even want to ever change that. Her efforts for this day were over and the young woman decided to spend the rest of it in bed with her laptop and favorite characters. Studying was going to wait.
As expected, after a few hours Lydia called and started reading speeches why her friend didn't go to the exam.

The beginning of the second semester came. Fortunately, all the exams had been passed and Kaya was even approved for the important scholarship. She was in a good mood.
The favorite place for the two girls to have lunch was the university cafeteria. Where else could you find such tasty and cheap food? The portions weren't big but the price and taste compensated on that part. That's why the place was always full and had long queues in front of the cashiers. Kaya and Lydia often left classes ten minutes earlier in order to catch the warm food in time.
“Kays, what are we going to do in “Marketing” this year?” - desperately complained Lydia, while she was making herself comfortable on the table with the tray in hands – I have no idea how I'm gonna pass the exam in the end of the semester!
Kaya plastered a smile while faking compassion and said:
“I don't understand why you're so worried! Let me remind you that the only marks you've received until now there are excellent!” - she merrily aimed for a piece of a potato. Her friend glared at her with blame in the eyes.
“Yeah, right! Don't pretend you don't know the way the main assistant stares at me with bloodthirst in her eyes every time I show up in class. She wants me to fuck up, fail and then rub it in my eyes!”
Behind Lidy`s back, in the middle of the crowd of arriving people for lunch, a certain figure stood out and Kaya stared, slowly breathing. Seeing her reaction, Lydia turned around to see what’s up. Nothing much. A flow of people. But between them a person made a special impression and she slowly took a good look at him.
“Lidy, why are you staring like this?!” - quietly and as calmly as possible said Kaya, staring at her plate and cutting a piece of her stake.
“That's him, isn't it?” - her blonde friend said and rested her back comfortably on the chair, putting one of her arms on the backrest – “The dude who scared you?”
The young woman knew that Kaya didn't pay much attention to other people and following her gaze, immediately figured what's going on.
Kaya blushed and murmured:
“Ugh, no, he didn't scare me… He just seemed weird.” - something inside of her was telling her not to trust that man and to stay away from him.
“Yeah, yeah. I can see that he is quite good looking.” - Lydia approvingly raised up and down her eyebrows and almost purposely missed what her friend told her. She just kept staring at him, while he was walking towards the food.
Evil lurks beneath Chapter 1
One fateful meeting at the doors of the university, followed by a deadly prediction and new mysterious powers...
Kaya is a normal university student, who right before one of her exams meets a handsome young man. His smiling face turns into something obscure just in seconds after laying eyes on her. Thinking that this would be their only meeting, Kaya is surprised by his obvious and stern eagerness to get closer to her. Her guts keep screaming at her that he has an ulterior motive. But what could it be?
And the arrival of the father who had abandoned her and her mother, even before birth? Is there a connection? And whom can she trust? Any of them? These new men in her life? Her best friend Lydia? Or maybe nobody... Everything is messed up and every and each one of them has their own secrets that they don't want to reveal. And most of them are connected to Kaya. And the thing that resides in her and is about to awake.
Everything is much bigger that her, her daily life, exams and lectures. Everything is about to change...

You can read more chapetrs here:…



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Favourite genre of music: alternative, metalcore
Favourite style of art: shoujo manga
Operating System: windows 10
Wallpaper of choice: fantasy, space

Feel free to note me, I`d be happy :)


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